Polyglass PPE

protecting South Africa's essential workers in this time of need

Polyglass Face Shields

In times like this, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is more crucial than ever. The need to protect the facial area (eyes, nose, mouth) from splashes, sprays and splatter of body fluids, during our day-to-day activities, has turned into a necessity. This is why we designed and created the perfect face shield for day-to-day use; it provides:

  • Full-face protection coverage. Under chin & ear-to-ear.
  • High clarity
  • EN166 and EN168 EU Certification, suitable for protecting the face from direct spray/splatter of body fluids.
  • Reusable shield recommended to be worn in conjunction with suitable face masks
  • Unique Suspension
  • Adjustable plastic headbands, by zip-tie mechanism, that allows maximum comfort. Designed to be worn all day long with minimal strain on the head.
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to put on and remove using only one hand.
  • The face shield comes flat, semi-assembled, and needs only to prep for use.
  • Helps to prolong the life of facial masks.
  • Easy to clean.
  • One Size Fits All
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Polyglass Face Shield - Clear

Polyglass plastics reusable face shield South Africa

Product           Polyglass Face Shields
Size                 355 x 710mm lay flat
Spec                500 micron PET clear visor
                         Head band PP
                         Foam PA 30v
                         Rubber PVC
Value                Non-toxic, does not cause irritation and are suitable for the food                                     industry
Standards       The Face Shield meets CE requirements, according to EN166                                         and EN168
Weight             Light weight 74 grams
                         Adjustable, positive holding strap
                         One size fits all
                         Zip Lock positive. no elastic to stretch
                         Washable with soap and water
Packaging       150 units per carton
Carton size      710 x 240 x 355mm
Unit cost          Please enquire as prices are in fluctuation at present
Min Qty            Applicable

polyglass plastics reusable face shield south africa
  • Flat packed
  • Contamination free packaging
  • 150 units per box
  • Design allows for spectacle use

Polyglass Face Masks

We are now supplying two different types of face masks which are suitable for all, disposable and non-disposable.

Polyglass Face Masks - Tyvek

polyglass plastics face mask cape town south africa

Product           Barrier Face Mask TYVEK can be washed
Size                 403 x 127mm
Print                Five Colour GENERIC S A Flag with cut outs
Grade              FOOD APPROVED PH Neutral 
Spec                Tyvek 75 GSM 
                         UV Food Grade Coating High Gloss  
                         Woven Polyurethane material 
                         100% washable and reusable
Branding         Can be high quality custom branded on 10 000 units or more
Unit cost          R 10,00 including vat
Min Qty            Applicable

Polyglass Face Masks - Paper Based

Product             Barrier Face Mask PAPER single use product
Size                   403 x 127mm
Print                  Five Colour GENERIC S A Flag with cut outs
Grade                Foodstuff Law Austria and FDA approved
Spec                  90 gsm wood free paper
                           23 micron Laminate on outer later
                          Enhanced surface roughness on inner layer
Branding          Can be high quality custom branded on 10 000 units or more
Unit cost           R 4,00 including Vat
Min Qty             Applicable

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