Cannabis Greenhouses

Due to the recent developments in the legalisation of recreational and medical cannabis in South Africa and the rest of the world, growers are faced with several growing challenges. Commercial cultivation of cannabis requires full control over the day and night cycles. During daylight cycles, growers in the commercial market strive for maximal light transmittance and high light diffusion factors. Opaque walls are desirable for security and discretion, as well as for light deprivation control. We provide a suite of solutions for cannabis growers with specific high-light transmission and diffusion panels for the roof; and opaque, reflective multiwall or corrugated sheets for greenhouse walls and gables.

Main benefits of growing cannabis in greenhouses:

  • Polycarbonate roof panels provide high levels of light transmission
  • Light blocking, UV resistant and reflective sheets enable full light deprivation

For more information on the cultivation of cannabis see the attachment below:

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