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Partnered with Palram, Polyglass Plastics offers highly-versatile solutions for a wide range of agricultural applications. These easy-to-install and maintain solutions range from commercial polycarbonate greenhouse coverings that help increase yield, to long-lasting PVC roofing, cladding and siding panels for livestock shelters. Our solutions for agriculture also offer major benefits. They help control climatic conditions, eliminate condensations dripping, solve challenges related to weathering, corrosion and chemical issues and contribute to longer-lasting agricultural structures.

Commercial Greenhouses

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Cannabis Greenhouses

DIY Greenhouse Kits

Polycarbonate Coverings and Panels

Polycarbonate greenhouse coverings or panels meet the performance of glass in terms of light transmission and thermal insulation; and they also offer much more in terms of material properties. As polycarbonate weighs less than half the weight of glass, both the structural requirements and maintenance costs of Polyglass Plastics' polycarbonate greenhouse panels are significantly lower. Our greenhouse panels also feature integrated drip and condensation controls that reduce dripping, resulting in a reduced chance of fungal infections, viruses and bacteria. Controlling condensation also reduces reflectivity, which improves light transmittance. Superior thermal insulation can be achieved with multiwall polycarbonate covering sheets. These are built with an insulated honeycomb structure that preserves internal heat and saves on heating costs.