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Due to the global pandemic overwhelming medical industries across the world, we have taken the initiative to shift our focus in providing appropriate PPE in the form of EN166/EN168 EU certified Polyglass Face Shields and Face Masks to essential workers who are in desperate need.

The reusable face shields are made of high quality optical plastic to ensure any body fluid spray/splatter does not enter the eyes, nose or mouth.

Polyglass plastics reusable face shield South Africa
Polyglass Plastics face shield cape town south africa

Polyglass Face Shields

Our face shields are designed for daily use and provide:

  • Full-face protection coverage. Under chin and ear-to-ear.
  • EN166 and EN168 EU certification, suitable for all medical staff in close contact with Covid-19
  • High Clarity
  • Reusable shield
  • Lightweight and flexible
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Partnered with Palram Industries, Polyglass Plastics distributes Polycarbonate and PVC sheeting for use in small and large-scale greenhouses all over the continent.


Polylglass Plastics Commercial Greenhouse

Commercial Greenhouses

Wide selection of greenhouse coverings to cater for various amounts of light transmission, thermal insulation and diffusion properties.

polylgass plastics cannabis growing greenhouse material

Cannabis Greenhouses

Since commercial cannabis cultivation requires full control over day and night cycles, growers need maximum light transmittance and diffusion.

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DIY Home Greenhouses Kits

Enhance your plants and seedlings at home by giving them maximum sunlight to create a highly nourishing environment. Our easy-to-assemble kits come in a variety of types and sizes.