SUNTUF sheets are rigid profiled polycarbonate sheets. SUNTUF features a combination of characteristics: strength, light transmission, flexibility, light weight, transparency, wide temperature range, etc. SUNTUF has become the leading material in greenhouse roofing, thanks to its selective light transmission, profile structure, temperature extremes, durability and long service expectancy. SUNTUF sheets are also used in continuous lighting surfaces, partitions and shelters in industrial and public buildings. They can also be used in any other structure in which external light sources are used for internal illumination. Do It-Yourself enthusiasts have also discovered SUNTUF and have found it useful in a wide variety of applications.

   Impact Resistant - Virtually unbreakable
   Light Weight -Less than half the weight of glass
   Transparent - 90% light transmission for the clear sheet
   Weather Resistant - Properties retained for years.
   Good Thermal Insulation
   Resistant to Chemicals
   Easy to work with and install using ordinary tools
   Easy to Clean
   Flammability - Low flammability and do not emit toxic gases when burning.
   Warranty - SUNTUF Sheets come with a warranty against yellowing and loss of light transmission.
SUNTUF UV1 - Profiled polycarbonate sheet with co-extruded UV protection layer.

SUNTUF UV2 - Profiled polycarbonate sheet with co-extruded UV protection layers on both sides.

SUNTUF PLUS - Profiled polycarbonate sheet with co-extruded UV protective layer on the upper side and anti-condensation treatment applied to the bottom side.

Table of typical properties
H.D.T. ( 18.2 MPa - 264 psi )    135C 
Coefficient of Linear
Thermal Expansion
6.8x10-5 /C
Thermal Conductivity 0.21 W / m K
Specific Heat Capacity 1.3kJ/kgK
K value 5.80 W/m2 K
Specific gravity 1.2
Tensile Strength 62 MPa
Tensile Modulus 2,300 MPa
Elongation at break >100%
Flexural Strength at yield 93 MPa
Flexural Modulus 1,890 MPa
Impact Resistance -
Falling Dart ISO 6603/1
50 J

Below appears a limited list of standard colours. Custom colours and light transmissions are available upon request, subject to certain minimum quantities.

Transparent: Clear (with no tint), Clear Embossed
Translucent: Bronze Tint and Solar Control
Opalescent: White


Standard SUNTUF sheets are used in many fields: Agriculture, Construction, Industry and D.I.Y.

   Commercial greenhouses
   Various other uses, taking advantage of the material and its properties.
Construction and Industry
   Architectural structures, industrial facilities, public buildings, etc.
   Shelters, canopies (swimming pools, garages, etc.)
Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y.)
   Canopies, awnings (verandas, parking shelters, etc.)
SUNTUF - Specifications
  Visual Characteristics
Solar Radiation
Profile Dimensions
Installation Instructions