The hazards caused by exposure to harmful solar radiation have been widely publicised in recent years and public awareness of these hazards is quite high. Yet there are still some misunderstandings regarding the meaning of protection against solar radiation.
What is Solar Radiation?
Solar radiation is characterised by wavelengths or spectrum:
Ultraviolet (UV) light is in the 300 - 400 nm range and from our point of view is the most harmful range of solar radiation.
   Visible Light is light which is visible to the human eye and extends between the wavelength of 400 - 700 nm
Infra Red (IR) radiation is in the 700 - 2500 nm range, beyond red light. IR radiation is invisible and in itself is not harmful, no more than normal heating which, if excessive, can cause a normal heat burn. However, this type of burn can be easily prevented as heat sensation gives a warning signal of discomfort long before the burn stage.
Outdoor Environmental Protection

Where an entire area is covered with a transparent material which allows the complete or partial transmission of visible light and supplies total filtration of harmful UV radiation.

This covering must be primarily manufactured from polycarbonate, which is the only thermoplastic that can entirely block harmful UV radiation. SUNTUF is such a material.

This type of roof will provide us, as well as our garden plants, with the best and safest conditions for spending time outdoors.