Suntuf light emitting sheets are placed into 2 categories:



Transparent sheets provide direct quality light and allow you to see images through the sheeting. They are divided into 3 shades for optimum results in areas where specific lighting conditions are required.


These products are designed to give selected natural direct lighting conditions as follows:

The Clear provides as much light as possible.

The Bronze applies a filter such as is used in the manufacture of high quality sunglasses.

Solar Control transmits a reasonable percentage of light energy while keeping the undesired components of the energy spectrum (heat) out. The solar control feature is an integral part of the sheet and will not peel away.

   Maximum direct sunlight
Allows more than 90% light transmission
Eliminates 14% heat
Virtually no shade
(shading coefficient = 1.00 SC)
   Filters 75% of direct visible sunlight
Allows 25% light transmission
Eliminates 49% heat
Reasonable shade 
(shading coefficient = 0.85 SC)
Solar Control
   Filters 80% of visible sunlight
Allows 20% light transmission
Eliminates 66% heat
Excellent shade 
(shading coefficient = 0.38 SC)


Translucent sheets provide diffused light that does not allow one to see images through the sheeting.

Opal White
   Very little direct sunlight is transmitted
Allows 45% diffused or broken light
Eliminates 51% heat
Neutral shade (shading coefficient = 0.56)