Due to a technological breakthrough, Polyglass Plastics can offer both SUNTUF profiles and PALSUN flat polycarbonate sheets with integrated solar control  These sheets are designed to give the qualities of reflective glass plus the added benefits of polycarbonate as a glazing material.

SUNTUF and PALSUN Solar Control Sheets have a considerable advantage over regular coloured sheets.  Standard coloured sheets absorb most of the light energy, which is not transmitted through the sheets.  This leads to the heating of the sheet itself and to heat accumulation within the covered area.  SUNTUF and PALSUN Solar Control sheets transmit light and reflect solar radiation at the same time, resulting in 'cool' lighting conditions within the covered area.  This is as a result of millions of small flat 'mirror like' particles that are dispersed in the sheet which allow the light rays to pass between the particles while the heat is reflected away.  This manufacturing process is a very complex and advanced science.  Its mastery has been as a result of state of the art technology known only to SUNTUF laboratory scientists.

   Eliminates 66% of the sun's direct heat
Blocks out 100% harmful UV rays
Designed to allow light transmission while reflecting heat at the same time
Allows cool quality lighting conditions
Saves energy - reducing heating and cooling costs
No delamination can take place
Extremely high impact resistant - virtually unbreakable
Weather resistant - retention of properties for many years
Easy to install
Corrosion free - ideal for coastal conditions


Available profiles in Solar Control:
Profile Cover Width Overall Width
IBR UV2 0.686m 0.746m
Omega UV1 0.760m 0.810m
Available flat sheets in Solar Control:
Subject to request.