PALTUF and PALSUN sheets are as transparent as glass, but 200 times stronger while weighing 50% less. PALTUF and PALSUN sheets are ideal in areas exposed to vandalism or high impact. They provide the answer to virtually every covering and glazing application for both designers and contractors. Furthermore, the acoustical and thermal insulation properties of PALTUF and PALSUN as well as their light weight and flexibility enable reduced design and construction costs. PALTUF and PALSUN withstand temperatures under which many other plastics either melt or fracture easily. PALSUN and PALSUN PLUS retain their optical and mechanical properties in the most severe of external environments.

  Impact Resistance - practically unbreakable
  Transparent - 90% light transmission, the same as for glass with the same appearance (tinted, embossed, diffusive sheets transmit less light)
Weather Resistant - PALSUN Sheets retain their characteristics for years under all conditions. PALTUF Sheets are just as resistant when not exposed to sunlight.
Acoustical Insulation - PALTUF/PALSUN Sheets provide excellent acoustical insulation.
Light Weight - less than half the weight of glass and 43% that of aluminium.
Easy to Mount - PALTUF/PALSUN Sheets are easy to work with and install.
  Flexible, Formable, Machinable - PALTUF/PALSUN Sheets can be bent either hot or cold, can be thermoformed into an unlimited array of shapes, and can readily be machined and/or fabricated.
The PALTUF/PALSUN Product Group

PALTUF - Standard polycarbonate sheet

PALSUN - Polycarbonate sheet with co-extruded UV protective layer on one side

PALSUN PLUS - Polycarbonate sheet with co-extruded UV protective layer on two sides

PALSUN Embossed - Embossed polycarbonate sheet with co-extruded UV protective layer on one side (two sided UV protective coating available).

PALTUF / PALSUN FR - Fire resistant (UL 94 V-0 rating) polycarbonate sheet available with UV co-extruded protective layer on one or two sides

PALTUF / PALSUN MATT - Polycarbonate matt sheets with co-extruded UV protective layer on one or two sides available.

PALSUN SOLAR CONTROL - Polycarbonate sheets possessing 20-35% light transmission with a special reflective layer on one side and a UV protective layer on the other side.

PALSUN MIRROR - Polycarbonate sheets, UV protected on one side, with a full mirror effect.

All the above sheets are protected on both sides with polyethylene (PE) film, which should be removed IMMEDIATELY after installation


Safe and secure glazing or shielding:
  Safety glazing
  Protective shields for machines in factories
  Construction of bus stops and telephone booths
  Protective shields for police and security forces
  Eye protection visors for helmets
  Roofs for buildings and halls
  Roofing of stadiums
  Transparent sound absorbing barriers for highways
  Street advertisement lighting boxes
Signboards fabricated with PALSUN sheets last for years.

Light Fixtures incorporating PALSUN (PALSUN PLUS for exterior fixtures) opal, diffuser, or embossed sheets.

Thermoformed, Vacuum Formed, Bent, and Fabricated Items



It is suggested that you refer to the complete catalogue for information that will assist you in selecting the proper sheet dimensions.

Thicknesses: 1 mm, 1.5 mm, and unit values from 2 to 12 mm.

Width x Length:
1250x2050 mm - available for all thicknesses
1220x2440 mm  - available for all thicknesses
2050x3050 mm - available only for thicknesses from 2 mm and above

Table of typical properties of 3 mm sheet
Service Temperature Range -40C to +120C
H.D.T. (1.82 MPa) 130C
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion 6.5x10-5 /C
Thermal Conductivity 0.21 W / mK
Specific Heat Capacity 1.3KJ/KgK
Light Transmission 89%
Specific gravity 1.2
Tensile Strength 65 MPa
Tensile Modulus 2,300 MPa
Elongation at break >90%
Flexural Strength at yield 2,600 MPa
Flexural Modulus 95 MPa
Impact Resistance - Falling Weight ISO 6603/1 158 J

The flammability classifications of PALTUF/PALSUN and PALTUF/PALSUN FR are listed below by country.


Transparent: Clear (with no residual tint), Solar Gray, Solar Smoke, Bronze, Red, Blue, and Green

Opal: White, Yellow, Red, Diffuser (PALSUN OR PALSUN PLUS only)

Opaque (non-transparent): Dark Green, Red Brick, Black, Dark Blue, Cream RAL 9001, Light Gray RAL 7035, Off White, Brown, Dark Gray